Farfield Mill

Woven Here at Farfield Mill

The Mill is the home of two magnificent working Dobcross Power looms. Hutchinson & Hollingworth of Diggle, Saddleworth, Yorkshire being one of the makers of this type of loom during 1861-1970. Many were exported across the world and are still found working in far-flung places. Visitors can often observe them producing woollen cloth in attractive patterns and colours. To see these looms in action today is an uncommon experience in the United Kingdom. The Mill is very fortunate to have David McDowell as Farfield's master weaver. He brings with him the specialist skills needed to operate our heritage looms.

Visitors are able to  purchase from our Mill shop -  knee and travel rugs, throws and floor rugs, woven here at Farfield Mill by our Master Weaver David on the Victorian Dobcross Looms.

Currently available

Blue & Mustard Knee Rug

32-50 plus P&P (please call for details)