Farfield Mill

Weaving Looms

Heritage Weaving has been supported by RDPE

The Mill is the home of a magnificent working 1936 Dobcross Power loom and a 1974 Somet Loom.

The former connects us to our heritage and produces cloth with a selvedge whereas the latter is considerably more productive and requires less supervision.  This allows us to produce cloth at significantly lower cost.

Hutchinson & Hollingworth of Diggle, Saddleworth, Yorkshire were one of the makers of the Dobcross loom between 1861-1970. Many were exported across the world and are still found working in far-flung places. Visitors can often observe them producing woollen cloth in attractive patterns and colours. To see these looms in action today is an uncommon experience in the United Kingdom.  Our loom has been in place since Farfield Mill was originally in production.

The Somet loom is an AC2 from Italy and was bought in 2016 from a mill in the Borders of Scotland who replaced it with a faster computer-controlled Somet Excel loom.

The Mill is very fortunate to have had David McDowell as Farfield's master weaver for the last 15 years. He has brought with with him the specialist skills needed to operate both our looms.

For the first time, ever, we have been delighted to have Juliet Labourne on the staff since 2016 as our very first cloth designer/trainee weaver.  Juliet has a degree from the University of the Highlands and Islands and has a studio in the mill in which she designs cloth for Farfield and for her own portfolio.

The Mill Shop stocks the rugs and throws woven on our looms. They make beautiful and unique gifts as well as lasting souvenirs of a visit to the Lakes and Dales.

We take commissions for weaving small yardage and work with local wool producers, farmers and small enterprises to weave highly crafted products using wool from the Rough Fell, Herdwick and Blue Faced Leicester sheep.

We offer short run contract weaving using your designs and yarn woven either on the Dobcross or Somet loom.  For more information or to discuss your weaving needs, please contact John Barraclough on 07979 640131 or by email to farfieldweaving@gmail.com.

Heritage Weaving is Supported by the R.D.P.E"

Heritage Weaving is Supported by the R.D.P.E